Global Payment and Risk Management Solutions Provided by AFEX


AFEX is a trusted global payment and risk management solutions specialist offering a tailored approach to foreign exchange services since 1979. Whether your goal is reducing costs, minimizing FX risk or managing international payments, our currency specialists will gain a solid understanding of your risk factors and objectives, and create a customized strategy to help you manage your foreign currency exposure.

AFEX is pleased to offer special wire transfer pricing and preferential exchange rates to New England Appraisers Association members.

At AFEX, we have pioneered personalized foreign exchange since 1979, becoming one of today’s largest non-bank providers of global payments and risk management solutions. We are a trusted partner to more than 35,000 businesses and individuals worldwide, helping clients process payments to more than 180 countries around the clock every day. Our team of experts provides valuable support that inspires total confidence from our clients in the complex and often volatile world of foreign exchange.

We understand the nuances of the fine arts industry and specialize in helping fine arts professionals all over the world to better manage their foreign exchange exposure. We can send and receive international wire transfers with ease, convert foreign bank drafts more quickly than the typical bank, and even deliver travel money directly from one of our retail branches to you in as little as one business day. Having a trusted foreign exchange specialist can give you peace of mind and potentially open opportunities with international markets.

For more information, please contact Ross Felner at [email protected] or 312-920-6806 and mention the NEAA VIP benefits.

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