Fees for Appraisers Membership

The New England Appraisers Association is composed of independent professional appraisers. The Association believes each member to be qualified in the field(s) in which he/she specializes but cannot be held responsible for their actions.

The yearly fee for appraisers membership in the NEAA is $75.00per year.

Fee includes:

  • The Appraisers Standard is sent by email to members regularly
  • A listing on NEAAs website. By state; with your name, address,(street, city, and zip code) phone number, email and your business website
  • A notation of your specialties
  • Application Requirements

    Applications are processed as follows:

    The application fee for new membership is $160.00 ( first year) without previous appraisal education and $60.00 thereafter. The additional fee is an outstanding mentoring program.

    NEAA requires that you submit 3 references business or client based. Your background should be orientated to antiques, fine art, or of personal property appraising (auction, estate sales, or art, antiques journalistic background, business or equipment).

    If you are currently with another association: ISA, AAA, ASA and wish to add NEAA to your association membership you may bridge your designation with us and you will be listed on our web site as a member with your earned designation. (certified, or accredited) The cost of bridged membership is $160.00 for the first year and $60.00 thereafter.

  • Education Requirements

    New appraisers, their membership and mentoring:

    New appraisers have a choice taking NEAA’s “core course. The course is offered in house several times a year. Schedule to be announced or you may contact the executive secretary by calling 901-758-2659. If it is more convenient for you, you may take the course and the USPAP online by contacting Dave Maloney (301-228-2279) or email.

    Both, the in house course and the online course, offers class members the opportunity to submit an appraisal of their writing for review. NEAA cannot stress strongly enough that new members who do not have an established client base or have not ever written a personal property appraisal, need the encouragement of a mentoring program. New appraisers then will know HOW to write an appraisal acceptable to industry standards, and they will have the knowledge that they can call or email a mentor who will offer suggestions to help them establish their appraisal practice. After the educational experience of taking NEAA’s program, your educational program continues with NEAA mentoring. You can call the office of NEAA at any time.

    Knowledge • Experience • Integrity

    NEAA has adopted as its standard text for appraisal writing, Appraising Personal Property: Principles and Methodology by David J. Maloney, Jr., and has developed its own writing standard which is compliant with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) requirements.

    Bridged Appraisers:

    No testing is required by the NEAA for membership IF you have had previous appraisal education by a recognized appraisal society or association. Courses offered by ISA, AAA, and ASA are recognized by NEAA and your accreditation level earned by these groups will be bridged to the NEAA. Fees for the first year of a bridged membership is $160.00 for the first year and $60.00 for the following year.

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