How to Become An Appraiser

So you want to become an antiques appraiser?

Our Appraisal Association’s approach to appraisal education provides students with not only theory and skills to build a career in personal property appraisal but an understanding and appreciation of art, jewelry, and antiques. Our courses are internationally received and taught by “certified” New England Appraisers Association appraisers.

Education Opportunities

For Antiques and Collectibles

Seminars coming Feb 21-27, 2016

  • Class Schedule

    Classes Check In: Sunday Afternoon March 10th,
    What time: any time after 12:00 (noon)

    Mon(11)-Tue(12)- Wed(13)
    8:00 am- 4:00 pm
    Appraisal Writing To USPAP Standards

    (Thr. 14)
    Tour of the Children’s Museum and the Grand Carousel. The Grand Carousel’s horses were hand carved by Gustav Dentzel.

    (Friday 15)
    morning quiz with certificate of completion
    Appraisal Writing check out 1:00 pm

  • Course Description

    In a continuing effort to provide its members and non-members with an educational advantage that will increase their knowledge and enable them to serve their clients; the NEAA is offering its first educational seminar for professional appraisal education. Our education course is designed to ensure that all our members receive the instruction and information to help them succeed in their appraisal practice.

    The course will include the criteria developed by the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB), as authorized by Congress, these new criteria were recently adopted by the AQB which establishes minimum standards for education and experience for real and personal property appraisers nationally.

    The AQB developed these new requirements to insure that personal property appraisers have adequate skills and experience in their field. Personal property appraisers who meet the AQB Qualification Criteria will have demonstrated that they have sufficient appraisal expertise, are educated regarding the principles used in establishing personal property values, and are able to write appraisal reports that meet the industry standards stated in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. (USPAP).

    These new AQB Qualification Criteria are the industry standards that professional businesses such as banks, insurance companies, CPAs, attorneys and governmental agencies require appraisers to meet in order to do business with them. The bottom line is appraisers need to meet the AQB Qualification Criteria in order write appraisal reports.

    If you currently are in, or desire to enter, the personal property appraisal profession, the NEAA’s Seminar was designed for you The seminar will provide you with the ability to develop and write an appraisal that meets the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and will give you a good start toward meeting the new AQB Qualification Criteria developed specifically for personal property appraisers. Key elements of New England Appraisers Association’s mentoring program for new appraisers will encourage you and offer you opportunities to grow your appraisal practice. Instruction includes basic knowledge of appraisal terms and application, appraisal construction, review, and networking. Bring your laptop–we will have fun, learn a lot, make friends,network and develop professional associations.

  • Hotel Information

    Room Rate: $85.00 per night + tax payable to U of M
    Room reservation phone number: 901-678-5410
    Please make your reservations by Feb 10th

  • For More Information

    For Information about the seminar or the New England Appraisers Association contract:

    Ed Tuten, NEAA, certified
    6973 Crestridge Road
    Memphis, Tn. 38119
    [email protected]

  • Tuition Details

    The tuition for the live seminar is:

    $800 per Student.

    Class is limited to 10 students.

  • Text Books

    Text Book: Appraising Personal Property: Principles & Methodology 8th Edition (for 2018-2019) by David J. Maloney $149.00

    Buy Here

    Please order from Dave, I will not have extras for sale. Bring your lap-top!

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