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I… can’t find any writing desk that folds up like this one.


Question: Dear Mr. Tuten,  I saw your article in The Best Times and thought I would drop you an email in hopes of finally finding out just what this desk is (see attached).
It has been in my family forever or at least as long as I remember (which was forever ago!)

I have researched on line but can’t find any writing desk that folds up like this one.  If you could give me some idea of date and style that would be most appreciated and if not I totally understand.”

“I… have antique items and don’t know the best way to sell them. “


I saw your recent article in The Best Times. I, like most folks, have antique items and don’t know the best way to sell them.

Please advise me the best route to achieve this. Everyone has the same concerns (1) “I don’t know the value of the items” (2) Someone will try to give me much less than the true value”.

I would appreciate your advice and response.



Ed Tuten, NEAA (New England Appraisers Association) – The Best Times

Question: My grandmother gave me these glasses and pitcher. Can you identify them and tell me about them? Thank you CK


Thank you for your email. Your glasses and pitcher are called Iris and Herringbone by collectors and identified as Iris by their maker the Jeanette Glass Company of Jeanette, Pennsylvania. They were produced 1928-1932.


Tuten, Ed NEAA certified – “OLD MAN TALKING ABOUT YOUR STUFF” –  The Best Times

Recently, I received this email: “My wife got this clock from her Grandmother. It works good and keeps pretty accurate time. We have had it in our possession for over 55 years. Can you provide any information about the clock? J.G.” 


Dear J.G.. I think I have found your clock. It was made by the Sessions Clock Company, Forestville, Conn. in 1921. Its style name is Manhattan. It is a mantel clock and the case is made of enameled wood. It is a spring wound brass works eight (8) day with a cathedral gong. The half-hour strike is on cup bell. The Iveroid decorated dial is 5 inches in diameter with Arabic numerals and is covered by oval glass. Height is 11 inches, and 18 inches long. The clock is decorated with red marbleized moldings and inlay. Cast bronze metal arches and trimmings with Egyptian green columns complete the decoration.

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