“I… have antique items and don’t know the best way to sell them. “


I saw your recent article in The Best Times. I, like most folks, have antique items and don’t know the best way to sell them.

Please advise me the best route to achieve this. Everyone has the same concerns (1) “I don’t know the value of the items” (2) Someone will try to give me much less than the true value”.

I would appreciate your advice and response.


Thank you for your email BG

I’m giving you some websites for your consideration. The first two are free, the third is for information about collecting and contacting collector groups and possible buyers.


You will have to register with both companies; that means you give them your emails but they don’t bother you with a bunch of garbage


  1. After you register at liveauctioneers.com at the middle of the top of the page you will see search, fill in what you are looking for click “search”
  2. On the right hand side you will notice:
      1. [ ]Live and Upcoming
      2. [ ]Sold
  3. Check Sold
  4. Compare your item with the item that were sold
  5. For those items that have sold their realized price is called “Fair Market Value”


  1. On the right hand side of the page you will see “search” put what your looking for.. what items sold for will come up “fair market value”

For information about antiques and collectibles our website The New England Appraisers Association http://www.newenglandappraisers.org has a “Links” page. On our home page across the top you will find “Links” click it and all kinds of reference pages will come up–anything from dolls and antique boats to wooden bowls” and you are most welcome to contact me at any time, I love to talk about antiques and to collectors!

You can also look items up on websites like:

Happy collecting; Ed

I thank you for reading my article in Best Times.. call or write anytime

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