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Recently, I received this email: “My wife got this clock from her Grandmother. It works good and keeps pretty accurate time. We have had it in our possession for over 55 years. Can you provide any information about the clock? J.G.” 


Dear J.G.. I think I have found your clock. It was made by the Sessions Clock Company, Forestville, Conn. in 1921. Its style name is Manhattan. It is a mantel clock and the case is made of enameled wood. It is a spring wound brass works eight (8) day with a cathedral gong. The half-hour strike is on cup bell. The Iveroid decorated dial is 5 inches in diameter with Arabic numerals and is covered by oval glass. Height is 11 inches, and 18 inches long. The clock is decorated with red marbleized moldings and inlay. Cast bronze metal arches and trimmings with Egyptian green columns complete the decoration.

The Sessions clock company predecessors were the Forestville Manufacturing Company and the E.N. Welch Manufacturing Company. The Welch Company was destroyed by fire in 1902 and the Sessions family bought the destroyed factory and in January 9, 1903 the Welch Manufacturing Company legally became the Sessions Clock Company.

Appraisal values for your clock are dependent on why you want your clock appraised. If you wanted to sell your clock you would need to know the fair market value. If you wanted to insure your clock you would need to know the insurance replacement value. Then there is “book value” what your clock lists for in antique and collectible journals. Fair market value is determined by what a similar clock sold for at auction in a reasonable time frame. Your value would be using a comparable from the recent past .In this case your clock’s the fair market value is $90.00. Tom Harris Auction, Marshalltown, Ia. 50158 sold at a hammer price of $90.00 Jan. 10, 2015 lot # 184 with a buyer’s premium of 18%. Insurance Replacement Value is what a clock dealer would sell your clock for in his shop. Most dealers sell their items at a markup of 50 to 75 %. Insurance Replacement Value for your clock would be $180.00 to $ 270.00. Book Value for your clock is $400.00

I am most anxious to help any of the readers of The Best Times. I am a certified appraiser of personal property and am the executive secretary of the New England Appraisers Association. I write USPAP compliant appraisals for insurance, probate, equal distribution, and collateral loans. My email is [email protected]. If you have a collectible or antique that you are curious about its value please send me a picture, and include the manufacturer or have some knowledge about it’s history, dimensions, anything that would help me determine the value or history of the item.


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