“I purchased this vase in a Memphis Thrift Store for $3.00?”


“I purchased this vase in a Memphis Thrift Store for $3.00? It’s amber in color, etched and is about 13 inches tall. There seems to be etched in the base of the vase along the edge xxxuben with some feathers or scrolling. Can you tell me anything about it? – BB”

Well, BB the next time you go thrift store shopping take me with you! I believe you are the proud owner of a Carder Steuben Glass vase. Made in the 1920’s. It’s a part of the Carder Period (1903-1932). Carder’s great love was colored glass and produced more than 7,000 shapes and 140 colors. Like so many geniuses, Carder lost control of the management of the Corning Glass Works due to WWI and changes in the public’s taste. Steuben identifies shapes and your vase is Shape 938. They did name colors and your vase color is called Bristol Yellow and while your picture is not too clear I have been able to determine from the Steuben Collectors Club web site the engraving cuttingwhich I think is 10001. The vases were made in several sizes 5,7,9,11, and 13 inches. You did not mention the condition of your vase so I am assuming that you vase does not have a crack or chips on the rim of the vase. Values would be fair market vase $300.00. (what it would sell at auction) Insurance Replacement Value $550-$750.00.( what it would sell in a dealers shop)

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