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Question: My grandmother gave me these glasses and pitcher. Can you identify them and tell me about them? Thank you CK


Thank you for your email. Your glasses and pitcher are called Iris and Herringbone by collectors and identified as Iris by their maker the Jeanette Glass Company of Jeanette, Pennsylvania. They were produced 1928-1932.

In 1887, the Western Land and Improvement Company applied for a charter from the state of Pennsylvania to start a glass bottle manufacturing company; as a result the Jeannette Bottle Works was founded. With the invention of the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine in 1898, Jeanette was mass producing wide mouth jars and bottles as well as some pressed glass. The name was changed to Jeanette Glass Company on June 14, 1898. Additions and improvements continued into the 1920’s and in 1924 hand pressed tableware was introduced.

Jeanette’s Depression era glass was and is very popular. Patterns included Adam, Anniversary, Cherry Blossom and your Iris. Collectors call your pattern Iris and Herringbone. The most common and the oldest are clear but it was also made in Marigold (carnival glass) and pastels pink and green. Production continued to increase in the 1930’s and began to diminish during WW II and continued until the closing of the factory in 1983.

You can add to your collection by purchases on ebay, antique malls, and estate sales and auctions. This pattern has been reproduced. The reproduced pieces are a 4 ½ berry bowl, coasters, 10 inch dinner plate, and the 6 ½ inch footed tumbler. To my knowledge the pitcher has not been reproduced. Look at the rays around the base of the tumblers. The new tumbler there is a distinct gap between the ray and the ring around the center of the foot. The old tumblers the rays continue to the center of the ring. From your pictures I think you have old Jeanette Glass and not reproductions.

Values: Pitcher (Fair Market Value) $35-50.00 Glasses (Fair Market Value $8-10.00 each.

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