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Our members provide personal property appraisals with honesty, integrity, and trust

What is the NEAA?

The New England Appraisers Association is composed of independent appraisers. The Association believes each member to be qualified in the field(s) in which he/she specializes but cannot be held responsible for their actions.

Need an Appraiser?

We vet our network to only include certified and educated appraisers, so that you can have an accurate assessment.

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The Appraisers Standard

Quarterly newsletter with articles of interest for appraisers, dealers, and collectors.

U.S. $20
Canada $25
Foreign $30

Would you like to be informed on the value of your precious personal property?

New England Appraisers Association can help you learn more about what is precious to you. We offer a network of professional antique appraisers that are educated about industry standards and regulations so that they can accurately assess your treasures. Trust us to tell you the fair market value of fine art, antiques, collectibles, rugs, jewelry, and more.

What is the real value of that antique that has been passed down from generation to generation in your family?


There’s no telling what kind of secret gems have been collecting dust in your home, unless you bring them in front of an acclaimed appraiser.

The New England Appraisers Association has a comprehensive network of professional appraisers who are the foremost experts on anything for which you need a value. Whether you need art or antique appraisal, or clarification on authenticity, our appraiser directory will guide you toward the best person for the job.


Find an appraiser

We can help you find a local appraiser that you can trust.

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The New England Appraiser's podcast will be starting October 12, 2013. We'll be chatting about everything antiques. Be sure to tune in and listen!

Broadcast every Saturday
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